P-65 • Rebel Lures MAGNUM Pop - R Fishing Lure in PURPLE SHAD

P-65 • Rebel Lures MAGNUM Pop - R Fishing Lure in PURPLE SHAD

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Rebel Lures Magnum Pop - R P-65 Fishing Lure in PURPLE SHAD

2004 Copyright on Card

Condition: New on Card; Store Sticker Covering Rebel Tag, see pics

Length: 3"

Weight: 3/8"

Action: Topwater

This is Another One of Those Baits With a Finish That Just Sparkles When the Light Hits It. I Can Only Imagine How the Fish Will React When They See That Flash Streaking Across the Surface of the Water!


"Bass Anglers Fishing the Clear Waters of Our Western Lakes Would Often Spot a Bass Charging Their Surface Lure Only to Turn Away at the last Second. To Turn Those Short Strikes Into Caught Fish, They Devised the Drop Pop-R. The Monofilament Line is Threaded Through the Body to a Weighted, Rear Hook Assembly. When a Fish Strikes Short, One Simply Throws Slack in the Line Allowing Weighted/Dressed Rear Hook to Drop-Back. This Smaller Profile Presentation (the Dressed Hook) Draws Strikes a High Percentage of the Time." 

                                                                           ~via The Rebel 1990 Product Catalog


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